For a town with a population of under 2000, Akumal offers plenty of activities to keep nature-loving adventurists happy and enough delectable restaurants to satisfy any hunger pang.
Its sparse development is why it still remains an alluring destination after all these years. However, this also means certain grocery store items and other services are not as conveniently accessible as they might be in a larger nearby city.
For groceries and an ATM, Super Chomak, located near the entrance of Akumal is your best option for groceries. This mini superstore sells some imported products, kitchen staples, beach attire, and alcohol. It is open form 7am-9pm daily.
In this same area is an OXXO convenience store, open 24 hours.
Tip: When visiting Akumal, bring cash as some establishments, parking lots and the nearby cenotes do not accept credit cards.
Akumal is a major nesting site for sea turtles May through November. As more and more tourists pop up to witness the turtles more and more harm is done. Conservation efforts have been implemented but resources, especially financial ones, are minimal.
Please help protect these ancient magnificent creatures by going into the nesting areas only with a qualified guide.
The Centro Ecological Akumal [CEA] offers nightly turtle walks during nesting season. Please sign up in the morning at the CEA center. Only ten people can go at one time. You will be provided with red film to cover your light and the guide will inform you when it is safe to take pictures.
For more information please visit: The Centro Ecological Akumal

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