#Akumal beaches


Some parts of the beach are private. The private spots are clearly marked. There are lots of room there and lots of palm trees for cover. We have found the beaches here safe to leave things while we snorkel and have never been ripped off. Exercise caution here and do not leave any “valuables” on the beach while you are way out snorkeling.
If you continue on the road into Akumal, the road winds north to Yal Ku Lagoon which is an excellent place to snorkel. You could call it a poor-mans-Xel-Ha. On the way you pass Half Moon Bay which is a good place to see Sea Turtles.
You can walk from the highway to Half Moon Bay, but it is a long walk and walking all the way to Ya Kul is a real long walk. You can get a taxi at the front gate near the highway or at the arches near the main Akumal beach when going to Ya Kul.

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